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"Ultimately if we (the client and I), have done our job well, we will have sculpted a home which embraces, soothes and protects the occupants while providing refuge from the inherent stresses of life" -CS

CLICK HERE to read the July 2011 New York Times Article 

Clark Sanders has been designing and building in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains in Upstate New York since the 1970's. He's become known for creating beautiful, highly energy-efficient residential structures using straw-bale as a primary building material. 

Since building the first legally permitted straw-bale building in the country in 1989, Sanders has continued to explore the use of alternative materials in his work. Straw, earthen plaster, adobe, stone, and vintage and reclaimed woods are a regular feature of the structures he builds.  

Sanders works directly with clients from design inception through project completion to develop homes that are highly personalized and customized. The design/build process allows an ability to intimately adjust materials, textures and shapes as the building evolves--not just on the drawing board, but in the actual spaces as they are constructed.

During the building process he is constantly striving to reduce embodied energy and create healthy homes by: using locally sourced and sustainable products to decrease carbon footprint, reducing the energy demands of the final structure, using non-toxic materials, and designing to maximize passive solar. 




10551 Turnpike Rd E. Meredith NY 13757

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